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Im Folgenden sind einige relevante Publikationen aufgelistet:

Social Pavlovian conditioning: Short- and long-term effects and the role of anxiety and depressive symptoms
Wiggert N., Wilhelm F.H., Boger S., Georgii C., Klimesch W. & Blechert J.
Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 12(2) 329-339

The Pavlovian craver: Neural and experiential correlates of single Trial naturalistic food conditioning in humans
Blechert J., Testa G., Georgii C., Klimesch W. & Wilhelm F.H.
Physiology & Behavior 158 18-25

Exposure to social-evaluative video clips: Neural, facial-muscular, and experiential responses and the role of social anxiety
Wiggert N., Wilhelm F.H., Reichenberger J. & Blechert J.
Biological Psychology 110 59-67

High cardiac vagal control is related to better subjective and objective sleep quality
Werner G.G, Ford B.Q., Mauss I.B., Blechert J., Schabus M. & Wilhelm F.H.
Biological Psychology 106 79-85

Criticism hurts everybody, praise only some: Common and specific neural responses to approving and disapproving social-evaluative videos
Miedl S.F., Blechert J., Klackl J., Wiggert N., Reichenberger J., Derntl B. & Wilhelm F.H.
NeuroImage 132 138-147

ANSLAB: Integrated multi-channel peripheral biosignal processing in psychophysiological science
Blechert J., Peyk P., Liedlgruber M. & Wilhelm F.H.
Behavior Research Methods 48(4) 1528-1545

Higher vagal activity as related to survival in patients with advanced breast cancer: an analysis of autonomic dysregulation
Giese-Davis J., Wilhelm F.H., Tamagawa R., Palesh O., Neri E., Taylor C.B., Kraemer H.C. & Spiegel D.
Psychosomatic Medicine 77(4) 346-355

Smartphone based stress prediction
Stütz T., Kowar T., Kager M., Tiefengrabner M., Stuppner M., Blechert J., Wilhelm F.H. & Ginzinger S.
In: F. Ricci, K. Bontcheva, O. Conlan, S. Lawless (Eds.), User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization (pp. 240-251). Berlin: Springer

Pre- to postsleep change in psychophysiological reactivity to emotional films: late-night REM sleep is associated with attenuated emotional processing
Werner G.G., Schabus M., Blechert J., Kolodyazhniy V. & Wilhelm F.H.
Psychophysiology 52(6) 813-825

Low levels of estradiol are associated with elevated conditioned responding during fear extinction and intrusive memories in daily life
Wegerer M., Kerschbaum H., Blechert J. & Wilhelm F.H.
Neurobiology of Learning and Memory 116 145-154